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Sprinter, the coffee van, and I travel to many places. I love meeting all you caffeine-and-sugar lovers out there. I love exchanging stories with people from different walks of life. As I look back from the very beginning--the time that the desire and passion grew within me--I knew that this was something I have to do and to trust that it will be for the good of all. Any failing moments I experience are and will be an opportunity to learn and grow through the grace of God. I believe that the outcome of my love for food and serving others is much bigger than what I can imagine. My greatest aspiration is to see you smile and that you know you are loved. I hope you enjoy scrolling through this site.
In the Summer of 2020, Sugar Apple began its story in my little kitchen in Summerville, SC baking cheesecakes for friends and family. For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed cooking and being in the kitchen. I've always pondered about owning my own cafe, also. So a few months after I established Sugar Apple, I had an opportunity to sell my cheesecakes and other baked goods in a little country store and even had the possibility of running it. I thought about turning the store into what I had visualized for a while. But life happened and my dream was put on hold. 

I returned my baking back home which worked out better because my kids are still pretty young and running a store would take away so much time from them. However, I needed another avenue to sell my baked goods. Through research and persistence, I learned that a nearby farmer's market was accepting new vendors. So I applied. The farmer's market is definitely a place where I learned exponentially. After the summer heat of 2021, I pondered (again...) on going mobile, just like an ice cream truck or something similar. While scrolling through Facebook Market Place, I ran across this coffee van for sale. Once I learned that I'm able to run the business without additional permits and licenses, I immediately knew it was meant to be!  What a pair, right?! Dessert and Coffee or Tea?! And what a great way to see more smiles!?!! 


So that October, Sugar Apple - Coffee Shop on Wheels was born. 

Just know that this is not the end of this story.  Blog coming soon!

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Serving espresso beverages, teas, lemonades, and baked treats.

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